30 Press Release Headlines Potential Customers Will Not Ignore

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The news is always exciting. Whether it’s about a new product or service, an expansion of your business, or even something as simple as a new hire at your company, you want to share that information with the world. But how do you make sure that your announcement will be noticed? There are several ways to get attention for your press release format from potential customers:

30 Press Release Headlines Potential Customers Will Not Ignore

  • Attention grabbing: Your headline should be attention-grabbing. If readers can't figure out what your article is about, they'll stop reading it.

  • Relevance to content: Your headline should be relevant to the content of your press release example. For example, if you're writing about how a new product helped increase sales by 30%, then your headline should use numbers and statistics that relate back to this statistic (e.g., "New Product Helps Increase Sales By 30%").

  • Concise: Make sure your headlines are concise and easy for people who don't know much about you yet but may find themselves interested in some other reason later on down the road (e.g., “New Product Helps Increase Sales By 30%”). This will help build trust with potential customers who may have heard rumors or seen stories elsewhere but still don't know whether they're true or false until they read more thoroughly into what exactly happened here today between us two parties involved in this transaction agreement between us which leads me on nicely now into saying here today…

1. Do You Have a New Product or Service? Use This Press Release Headline

Do You Have a New Product or Service? Use This press release template Headline

  • Share the news.

  • Be specific.

  • Use a catchy headline that will get attention, and keep it short (20 words or less).

Avoid jargon and buzzwords; use active voice instead of passive voice; avoid too many modifiers in front of nouns like “new” or “first-of-its kind”; if possible, avoid using question marks to hook readers in.

2. Are You Expanding Your Company, Moving, Or Rebranding? Use This Press Release Headline

If you're expanding, moving or rebranding, the press release sample headline is key for your new location. A good example of this is when Apple announced their new headquarters. They used "The New Apple Campus" as their headline and it was perfect for what they were doing at the time (an expansion).

Another great example was when businesses like Starbucks and Chipotle expanded into new markets. In these cases, they used phrases like "New Markets," "Expanding," or even just plain old “To Open” as headlines so that readers could easily tell what kind of story they were reading about without having to read through all those unnecessary details first!

3. Announced a New Partnership or Collaboration? Use This Press Release Headline

A press release headline can be used to announce a new partnership or collaboration. For example, “XYZ Company Announces New Partnership With ABC Company” and “XYZ Company Partners With ABC Company to Expand Business” are both possible options.

A good news release example headline should also be specific enough that it doesn't leave the reader wondering what exactly is being announced in the first place. For example, if you're announcing that your company has partnered with another one for a new product line or service offered by both companies, you might use something like this: "XYZ Company Partners With ABC Company To Provide New Services."

4. Looking for a Local Media Outlet to Publish Your Press Release? Use This Headline

If you're looking for a local media outlet to publish your press release, here are some tips:

  • Find a local newspaper or magazine. You can find these in the yellow pages or by searching Google for "your town" and then clicking on "local." If there isn't one that covers your topic, ask around at coffee shops and other places where people might hang out—you may find someone who knows someone who has contacts at local publications!

  • Write a short but compelling headline that will grab their attention. Don't go too crazy with adjectives like "world-class," "revolutionary," etc.; just focus on what makes this product/service different from others on the market (and make sure it's not too technical). For example, if we were writing about T-Mobile's new plan pricing system: "T-Mobile Will Lower Prices!" would probably be better than something like "New T-Mobile Plan Pricing System Will Save Customers Money!" because both communicate clearly that they're offering some kind of deal or discount—but only one makes it sound exciting enough to catch readers' eyes!

5. For Any Announcement Related to Your Business, Use This Press Release Headline

  • For Any Announcement Related to Your Business, Use This Press Release Headline

It's essential to use a headline that is brief and focused on the topic at hand. Don't be too wordy or vague; instead, try using an attention-grabbing hook in your title that will interest potential customers before they even read your media release template. For example: "New Product Will Help You Get Rid of Those Unwanted Extra Stains!" Or something shorter and more straightforward: "We're Coming Out With A New Stain Remover That Will Take All Your Pains Away!"

You can also use specific language so people know exactly what you're talking about when reading these headlines (e.g., "Our new stain remover works like magic"). Finally, make sure that the wording of this headline isn't misleading or exaggerated—make sure all facts are accurate!

6. Another Way to Write About a New Product or Service Announcement

  • Use the name of your product or service.

  • Briefly describe what it is and when you’re launching it.

  • Include a link to where people can buy it.

7. For a Financial Announcement, Use This Press Release Headline

For a financial announcement, use this press release headline: “Finance Company Announces $10 Million Donation To Charity”. This is a great way to attract the attention of potential customers who care about their money and want to hear about important news in the business world. The word “finance” can be used as an adjective or noun depending on how it's being used in your sentence, but since there are many financial institutions out there (and some people don't even know what those words mean), I recommend using both options so that readers will understand exactly what you're talking about when reading through your material.

In addition to helping readers understand what you're saying by using multiple words or phrases together instead of just one at a time (a technique called "increased specificity"), this type of headline also helps increase trustworthiness because it makes sure that everyone knows exactly where they stand when it comes down right down at last minutes before deadline night rolls around!

8. To Capture Attention When You’re Sharing Important News About Your Company, Use This Headline

  • To Capture Attention When You’re Sharing Important News About Your Company, Use This Headline:

We know it's all about the headline, but this one is so good that we couldn't help but share it. It's short, sweet and to the point—but also eye-catching and unique!

9. For Any Exciting News Related to Your Business, Use This Press Release Headline

If you want to make sure that your press release gets read, then it's important that you use an attention-grabbing headline.

This could be anything from a question (“How is my business?) to a number (25%), or even something as simple as “My new product will save you time and money!”

However, if you're trying to pique people's interest in what they're reading so they'll check out your website or buy one of your products, then using an attention-grabbing headline is essential—especially since there are plenty of other ways for them to find out more about this news.

10. For Any Exciting Event-Related News, Use This Press Release Headline

If you're reading this article, it's probably because you have an exciting event coming up. Perhaps it's a wedding or anniversary and someone's getting married or celebrating their 50th birthday. Maybe it's another important milestone in the life of your business: launching a new product line or relocating to a new location for growth purposes. Whatever the case may be, there is something that needs to be announced at some point during these celebrations.

Here are some tips on how to write media release example headlines for any exciting event-related news:

  • Use a question in place of "what." This is especially helpful when writing about something like an award ceremony where the audience is likely unfamiliar with who won what prize or award (and therefore would appreciate learning more about them).

  • Use numbers instead of words alone so they stand out more prominently than just saying "Congratulations!" over again every time someone wins something big enough to warrant mentioning its name in a headline instead! For example: "Congratulations!" + 1st Place Winner = 2nd Place Winner

11. Is There Something Going on Behind the Scenes at Your Business? Let People Know Using This Headline

This headline is best used when there is something going on behind the scenes at your business. It's important to let people know what is going on behind the scenes at your business, so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not to support you or not. For example, if you are hiring more employees, then this headline would be perfect for letting them know!

In addition to letting people know what's happening behind the scenes at your company, this press release headline also lets them know why they should care: because there may be something coming up soon (or already happened).

12. Got Some Great News? Try Using This as a Press Release Title for It!

  • Use a strong headline.

  • Use a powerful, compelling headline.

  • Use a headline that is relevant and specific to the news. For example, if you're reporting on how your company has reduced its carbon footprint by using wind power instead of coal-fired power plants, then you could use this as your title: "Wind Power Has Cut Our Company's Carbon Footprint by 20 Percent." Or if your company has just won a prestigious award for excellence in customer service, then it would make sense for you to write something like “Our Customer Service Team Gets Recognized For Its Excellence” or “Our Sales Partners Are Honored By This Award." The key here is being specific so readers know exactly what they're reading about before they even read further down into the article or press release itself!

13. If You’re Sharing an Industry Update, Try Using One of These as a Title for Your Press Release

You can also use a question to get people's attention. The trick is not to make it too long, or use one that's too obscure or hard to answer. For example:

  • "Are you interested in learning more about our new product?"

  • "What do customers care most about when they buy from us?"


There are many ways to write event press release template headlines that will get people’s attention and help you reach more people. The best way to choose the right one for your business is by keeping in mind what type of news it is, what kind of audience do you want to reach out to with it, and how much money would be spent on advertising before reaching this target audience. In doing so, you may find yourself using a headline like “Announced an Industry Update” instead of just “New Product!” which could be ineffective at getting people's attention when compared against similar articles about other products or services released within the same time period as yours."

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