PRNewswire Pricing: What You Need To Know

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PRNewswire is a global news distribution network that delivers content to more than 100,000 media outlets. As a PR agency, PRWeb Pricing  offers two different pricing models. The first model is for agencies with less than 500 media contacts; this option includes access to the global newswire database along with other benefits like posting new stories on your website or social media channels. The second model costs $20 per month and provides access only to U.S.-based reporters; this option allows you to post stories directly on your website or social media pages but doesn't include any other services besides basic reporting (e.g., no analytics dashboards).

Who is PRNewswire?

PRNewswire is a digital news distribution service that provides access to exclusive company press releases and other important news content. The company has been in business since 1934, making it one of the longest-serving players in this particular field.

The PRNewswire network consists of over 3,000 journalists, analysts, and editors who cover hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide every day through its proprietary database system (source:

Why Do You Need A Financial News Distribution Service?

You need a financial news distribution service to make your PRNewswire Pricing  news known.

Your business is important, but so is the news about it. The more people know about what's happening within your organization, the better positioned you'll be to attract new clients and grow revenue.

Summarizing The PRNewswire Pricing Structure

  • PRNewswire provides a variety of packages to suit any budget.

  • Pricing is based on your monthly volume of news releases.

  • Prices are based on the number of releases you send per month.

Summarizing The Most Up-To-Date PRNewswire Pricing

There are three services offered by PRNewswire: Premium, Standard, and Basic. Premium offers more advanced features than Standard and Basic, but it’s also more expensive. On the other hand, Standard is priced at a lower rate than Premium. If you want to save money on your PRNewswire subscription fee then use the Basic plan instead of any other plan because this will only cost $25 USD per month instead of $45 USD per month when compared with its counterparts mentioned above (Premium and Standard).

Comparing The Three Most Upstream PR Agencies

The three most upstream Marketwired Pricing  agencies are:

  • PRNewswire

  • Marketwired

  • Business Wire

Here is a definitive look at the most up-to-date prices from PRNewswire, along with some alternative options as well.

PRNewswire is the most popular option for many companies, and for good reason. It's reliable, trusted, and easy to use. However, it does have its drawbacks as well.

  • The cost of using PRNewswire can be high if you don't have a large budget or if you're not willing to spend money on marketing material like brochures or flyers that say "we do PR." You'll also need someone who works in the field of public relations (or journalism). These people know how important it is for an organization like yours to have a strong online presence so they can help get your company name out there more effectively than just hiring someone off Craigslist who will charge $50/hour just because they know how much traffic goes through their website every month."


The Press Release Pricing  structure is complicated and can be intimidating for many people. But this article should help you understand the basics of how to find out if it's worth continuing your investment.

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